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Sweeney Todd

Act I: After 15 years of forced exile, former barber Benjamin Barker returns to London under the name of Sweeney Todd. He is seeking revenge for his unlawful sentence and the loss of his family at the hands of Judge Turpin. Upon arrival, he bids farewell to his companion, the sailor Anthony and shoves a crazed beggar women out of his way. On Fleet Street, his old stomping ground, a new owner now occupies his parlour – hardy pie shop owner Mrs. Lovett, who recognises him. When Sweeney asks for the whereabouts of his wife Lucy and daughter Johanna, Mrs. Lovett professes that Lucy poisoned herself after suffering abuse by the Judge and his beadle, Bamford. Johanna has since been in the care of the Judge. Sweeney swears to seek justice and Mrs. Lovett persuades him to take up his old trade on the premises. Meanwhile, Anthony has fallen in love with Johanna, who is due to marry her guardian against her will. Anthony promises to liberate her. In the market, flamboyant barber Adolfo Pirelli and his boy assistant Toby launch a business pitch for a hair elixir. Sweeney exposes the product as a sham and invites an onlooker for a free shave: the beadle. When Pirelli shows up to threaten his competitor, Sweeney slits his throat. Judge Turpin also arrives, following Beadle’s advice to avail of a spruce. Sweeney cannot believe his luck but Anthony barges in to announce his plans to elope with Johanna. The Judge hurries away, leaving Sweeney crazed with lust for murder. Mrs. Lovett suggests using his vendetta against humanity as a meat source for her pie business.

Act II: Business is flourishing at Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop and Sweeney is busy dealing with customers that shall never return. Anthony arrives with news: the Judge has admitted Johanna to Fogg’s asylum. Sweeney instructs Anthony to pose as a wigmaker and rescue her. As the sailor leaves, Sweeney notifies the judge of the plans, hoping to lure him back to the salon. Toby, who now works for Mrs. Lovett, has become suspicious of Sweeney. She locks him in the bakehouse just as Beadle arrives to investigate the strange smells emanating from the building. When Sweeney returns a little later, it’s the end of Beadle. After their escape from the asylum, Johanna hides in the parlour while Anthony rushes off to organise their departure from London. The beggar woman arrives, looking for Beadle. Sweeney returns, frantic with anticipation of welcoming Judge Turpin. Spotting the beggar woman, he kills her. Next is the Judge, who has returned to seize Johanna. Only when clearing the bodies and holding the lifeless beggar woman in his arms, Sweeney realises he has made a fatal mistake …