Magic to Do!

The new season at the Staatsoperette features classics, comedies, fairy tales and new discoveries - all of which ensure top-class entertainment.
The motto for the 2022/23 season is 'We've got magic to do!' - a quote from the premiere of pop musical 'Pippin', set to begin in January. With five premieres and eleven revivals, the Staatsoperette will be marking its 75th anniversary. Productions returning to the stage include 'Casanova', 'My Fair Lady' and 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. There will also be four concert and lots of accompanying acts showing the great diversity and breadth of the programme and ensemble.
It all kicks off on 3 September with the season opening for the Kraftwerk Mitte Fest, including initial sneak peeks into the upcoming premieres and a rapid 'One-Minute Show'. The evening sees the first ever 'Party Time!' at the Operetta Disco.
Otto Nicolai's comic fantasy opera 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' opens the series of premieres in October as a pièce de résistance and perennial favourite on the theatre stage. January brings a grand musical premiere in the form of 'Pippin', whose music was written by four-time Grammy and three-time Oscar winner, Stephen Schwartz. A new orchestral arrangement - the most extensive and modern to date - has also been put together for the Staatsoperette production.
The third premiere, 'Polish Wedding', is also the German stage premiere of this operetta by Joseph Beer, which had wrongly fallen into oblivion. At a musical level, the Operetta boasts a wide range of folkloristic dances, melancholy arias and rousing jazz numbers.
'Grimm! – The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood and Her Wolf' is a co-production by the two theatres at the Kraftwerk Mitte. Puppeteers and actors from the theater junge generation team up with singers and musicians from the Staatsoperette to perform a thrilling family musical.
Meanwhile, 'Die Fledermaus', an unrivalled classic with its own unique ties to the Staatsoperette, will be back on the programme from June 2023.
The 'Ein Lied geht um die Welt' ("A Song Goes Round the World") concert series will be embarking on its second round, with stops in Vienna, New York, the southern US states and the former Eastern Bloc nations, whose trademark sounds can still be heard in the Operetta repertoire.
2022/23 is going to be magical. Let it cast its spell on you too!