Dresden State Operetta general terms and conditions

1. Scope
1.1 The conditions of use govern legal relationships between the Dresden State Operetta and the individual customers, resellers, corporate customers and group customers (hereinafter collectively known as 'customers'). Legal transactions between the theatre and customers shall be exclusively subject to the following general terms and conditions (hereinafter 'GTC') as amended. The theatre shall not recognise any differing conditions, unless it expressly consents to the validity thereof.
1.2 Resellers commit to advising every customer of the following conditions during ticket purchases. The general terms and conditions apply to Dresden State Operetta events and for designated third-party events at the Dresden State Operetta's premises. Additional conditions apply for Dresden State Operetta and DRESDNER ANRECHT rights/subscriptions.

2. Opening and entry times
The theatre box office opening times are advised separately in Dresden State Operetta publications and signage. In the last hour before the designated performance start time, only tickets to that event will be available for sale.
For Dresden State Operetta events, doors generally open 30 minutes prior to the performance start time.
Customers arriving after the performance has commenced shall forfeit their entitlement to the seats printed on their ticket. They may be allocated replacement seats in other sections instead. Once the performance has commenced, patrons may only be admitted into the auditorium at a suitable time determined by the theatre management, and showing consideration for other patrons and the performers. The patrons shall not be able to raise any claims against the State Operetta for this.
The Dresden State Operetta is entitled to allocate the patrons different seats in the same or a better section.

3. Fees and ticket prices
The current ticket prices, discounts and fees are published separately based on a decision by the city council.
No more than one discount may be applied to each ticket. Discounts must be arranged in person prior to ticket purchase, and be proven with documentation. Retrospective discounts will not be recognised after purchase. The proof provided for the discount must be brought with the patron to the performance, and presented again upon request. If discount eligibility cannot be credibly proven, the Dresden State Operetta is authorised to charge the difference retrospectively. Ticket prices offered by resellers include presale fees, and may therefore differ.

4. Tickets
4.1 In general, only tickets issued by the Dresden State Operetta and its authorised establishments enable admission. Tickets issued by the Dresden State Operetta may only be commercially resold for customers whose general terms and conditions allow for reselling tickets to others. The Dresden State Operetta is not liable for services and prices offered by other ticket providers. Purchasing a ticket entitles the holder to attend the performance printed thereon, at the specified time. Unless mentioned overleaf, the ticket price does not include any other services. The Dresden State Operetta reserves the right to charge a fee for separate services (see section 5.).
4.2 When buying tickets online at www.staatsoperette.de, the customer can print it out themselves (Ticket@home) or store it in their smartphone's Passbook /Wallet app for the future. For the purposes of appropriate use, the customer may only print one copy. The
Ticket@home is only valid if it has been printed in its entirety on an A4 sheet of paper. The customer is not authorised to reproduce, copy or modify the printed ticket.
The one-off bar code on the ticket will be electronically invalidated by a bar-code scanner at the event venue. The Dresden State Operetta is authorised to deny event access to holders of self-printed tickets whose bar code has already been invalidated.

5. Ticket sales and bookings
5.1. Pre-sale period
The pre-sale start date for a season is announced on the Dresden State Operetta's website and in other publications. Incoming orders will be processed from this date onwards (in accordance with point 4.4.2.). Sales are based on the printed programme for the entire season.

5.2. Ticket cancellations
No distance contract as defined by Section 312 b of the German Civil Code (BGB) is concluded as part of the ticket purchase; no right of revocation or return therefore exists in this respect. The Dresden State Operetta is not obliged to refund purchased vouchers or paid tickets at the customer's request. Customers may only exchange purchased tickets for a different day/time directly through the Dresden State Operetta, presenting their ticket at the theatre box office, for a replacement fee of 4 euros per ticket if at least 14 days prior to the performance, and for a replacement fee of 6 euros per ticket if at least one working day before the performance. Exchanges thereafter are not possible. Ticket exchanges for a fee are not available for commercial group customer. If, in the event of a sold-out performance, the purchaser's request to return tickets based on a sale-or-return agreement is agreed to out of goodwill, a fee of 2.00 euros per resold ticket is retained. The amount paid out for tickets sold based on a sale-or-return agreement refers to the sales price minus any pre-sale fees or system surcharges paid.
If a production other than that announced in the monthly programme is performed, the tickets will be voided and refunded by the performance commencement time. The Dresden State Operetta shall not be obliged to void tickets in the event of cast changes.
No compensation shall be paid in the event performances are stopped due to strikes or force majeure. If a performance is cancelled for other reasons, the tickets must be submitted to the theatre box office for refunding within 14 calendar days of the performance date.
If the performance start time is delayed by more than 40 minutes, redeemed tickets shall be voided until the performance commences. Tickets cannot be refunded after this time. If the performance is aborted, tickets may only be refunded if less than half of the performance had been completed before the stoppage.
In all of the aforementioned ticket-cancellation scenarios, tickets must be presented in person or, in the case of Ticket@home, as an email attachment, to the State Operetta's box office by the deadline. Ticket prices are only refunded to a designated account within Germany. System, presale or shipping fees already paid cannot be refunded. No further claims can be raised in this respect.

5.3. Ticket cancellation on official instructions
If the authorities stipulate a reduced seating plan for future performances, we will proceed based on the chronological order of ticket purchases, taking into account the number of patrons specified. Patrons who cannot be accommodated will be advised as soon as possible and will have their tickets refunded. Additional costs, e.g. for travel or accommodation, cannot be refunded. Any booking changes resulting in higher price categories as a result of physical-distancing requirements shall be borne by the State Operetta; if they result in lower price categories, the difference will be refunded.
If entire performances need to be cancelled on official instructions, we will inform you as soon as possible and refund you your ticket, minus any system, presale or shipping fees. We cannot refund any additional costs, e.g. for travel or accommodation.

5.4. Lost tickets
If you lose a ticket purchased directly through the Dresden State Operetta, replacement tickets will be issued for a free of 1 euro each if the customer proves or credibly shows the seats they have purchased. If both an original ticket and replacement ticket are presented by different patrons for the same seat, the holder of the original ticket shall be given preference. In this case, the replacement ticket will not entitle its holder to be allocated a different seat. The State Operetta will not check whether the holder of the original ticket is the legitimate holder.

5.5. Ticket bookings
5.5.1. Group bookings
Group bookings of 10 tickets or more are only accepted in writing.
Group bookings are processed in the order in which they have been received. A limited ticket allocation is available for group bookings. Each purchaser will be informed in writing. If the ordered tickets are available, the customer shall receive an invoice as order confirmation, showing the number of tickets, seating section, individual seat prices and fees. Customers will not be entitled to access specific seats. The option for free cancellation of the entire order shall apply until 8 weeks prior to the performance date. Once this free option has expired, a maximum of 10 tickets may be cancelled free of charge until the payment date. Additional cancellations incur a charge of 25% of the ticket price if at least 14 days prior to the performance, and 50% of the ticket price if between 13 and 1 day prior to the performance. Cancellations made on the day of the performance incur a charge of 100% of the ticket price. The invoice amount is payable 28 working days prior to the performance date.
Changes to performances do not entitle group customers to claim compensation.

5.5.2. Individual bookings
Individual bookings of up to 9 tickets may be placed in writing or verbally for the applicable pre-sale period as per section 4.1. Insofar as the requested tickets are available, the customer shall be offered seats, showing the row and individual price thereof. Seats are offered based on the verbal or written ticket request. The latest payment date is also advised.
For bookings made over 5 months out, payment is due within 4 weeks of confirmation. Booked tickets with a performance date scheduled for the next 5 months must be prepaid at least 14 days prior to the performance.
Bookings placed less than 14 days before the performance date must be paid for 2 working days prior. Last-minute bookings to be paid at the box office must be done so by no later than half an hour prior to the performance commencing.

5.5.3. Booking approval
If the allocated tickets are not paid on time, the Dresden State Operetta is authorised to make the ordered and allocated tickets available to others without further notice.

5.6. Payment method
Tickets may only be paid for in euros. Payments can be made in cash, by EC or credit card, or cashless after invoicing. Box-office employees are authorised to refuse 1 and 2-cent pieces for amounts of more than 10 cents, and to refuse 5-cent pieces for amounts of more than 30 cents. Damaged, marked or otherwise modified banknotes or coins will not be accepted. Any change received must be checked immediately. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted.
Bookings confirmed by an invoice may only be paid into the designated account, for the designated purpose, until the stated due date. Payments made by EC or credit card are done so subject to approval by the card issuer, and payments made by direct debit are subject to approval by the customer's bank.
Tickets issued by the Dresden State Operetta shall remain the Dresden State Operetta's property until full payment of the final invoice amount. In the event of cashless payment, tickets shall be considered paid once the full final invoice amount has been credited to the Dresden State Operetta's bank account. If a payment is rejected, the customer is required to immediately return the tickets and reimburse the costs incurred as a result of this rejection.

6. Audio, film and video recordings, and photography
Photography, as well as film, video and audio recordings, during the performance are prohibited for copyright reasons (Sections 16, 75, 81 of the German Copyright Act (UrhG)). In the event this rule is breached, door staff shall be authorised to confiscate the recording devices until the end of the event. The devices will be returned to their owners once the owners have agreed to delete the recordings. By buying a ticket, theatre customers agree that the theatre may take photographs and videos during the performance, and that these may be reproduced and published indefinitely and with no geographic limitations. Consent is provided expressly under waiver of entitlement to claim compensation.

7. House rules / Hygiene plan / Mobile telephones
The theatre director is responsible for establishing house rules at the Dresden State Operetta. During performances, these are enforced by the door staff, whose instructions must be followed. By purchasing a ticket, you accept any applicable hygiene plan.
Sitting in a seat other than that shown on your ticket is not permitted without the consent of or arrangement by the door staff. Moving seats without permission may result in the price difference being charged retrospectively.
Coats, thick jackets, umbrellas, backpacks and sticks (excluding walking aids) and other bulky items cannot be taken into the auditorium. They can be checked into a cloakroom.
Consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the auditorium.
For safety reasons, sitting on steps or other components, leaning against railings or placing objects on these is strictly prohibited.
Mobile telephones and other electronic communication devices, as well as any kind of acoustic signal transmitter, must be switched off in the auditorium. In the interests of ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted performance, the Dresden State Operetta is authorised to request that these be handed in to cloaking until the end of the performance, or to ask the customer to leave the performance.

8. Liability / Compensation
The theatre bears no liability for any kind of material damage or physical injury, insofar as the theatre, its legal representative or its assistant has not acted with deliberate intent or gross negligence.
Customer compensation claims based on positive violation of a contractual duty, negligence at the time of contract conclusion or unauthorised actions are not permitted, insofar as the theatre, its legal representative or its assistant has not acted with deliberate intent or gross negligence, and no major contractual obligations have been breached. Compensation claims based on default and the impossibility of performance, and for breach of major contractual obligations, are limited to compensation for foreseeable damages in the event of minor negligence.
The theatre is not liable for external services (e.g. catering); the respective service provider shall be directly liable here.

9. Privacy
The Dresden State Operetta is authorised to process the personal data received in relation to the business relationship in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act, and to save personal data provided as part of the ticket-sale transaction and use this for its own purposes.. When purchasing tickets through the Dresden State Operetta website, all data entered by customers is automatically encrypted during transmission (SSL) and handled confidentially.

10. Applicable law / Place of performance and jurisdiction / Severability clause
German law shall apply. The place of performance and jurisdiction for all claims resulting from the business relationship between the theatre and customer is Munich, insofar as the customer is a registered merchant, public legal entity or a special fund under public law.
Should certain provisions of these GTC be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provisions shall be replaced by a customary provision in line with industry standards, and if no such provision is permitted, by the relevant legal provision.

11. Effective date
These general terms and conditions take effect on 2 June 20.

Dresden, 2 June 2020

Sieglinde Schlüter
Administrative director / Deputy theatre director