Our new theatre season book is here - in a new look and format! In it, we present the premieres and our diverse plans for the coming theatre season. We are also delighted to welcome two new colleagues to the artistic management team: Michael Ellis Ingram will become our theatre's Chief Conductor from 2024/25 and Matthias Reichwald will take over the position of Managing Director. We warmly welcome them both!

The motto for the 2024/25 season will be THE LIFE IS A CABARET, a quote from the musical "Cabaret". The five première titles are as entertaining as they are political, thematically revolving around the stage, the show and the play within the play and looking at the crises of the time, then and now: look forward with us to the premières DU BIST ICH, SHOW BOAT, DIE BAJADERE, CABARET and BALL IM SAYOY as well as concerts, special formats and nine repertoire productions.

Click here for the season book.
Premiere am 1. Juni
Oper von Giacomo Puccini
Musikalische Leitung Johannes Pell
Regie Matthias Reichwald
Bühne Karoly Risz
Kostüme Toto
The Staatsoperette has a supertitle system which is currently set up for all productions. This additional service offers supertitles in German and English.