The company's chorus performs around 180 performances a season, singing and often dancing in the genres of operetta, musical and opera. The 14 female and 13 male singers have the musical and dramatic range to meet the high demands of the genres and the demanding repertoire. In addition, they regularly take on smaller soloist roles. Currently, the choir can be seen on stage in such diverse productions as "My Fair Lady" (Loewe), "Casanova" (Strauss) or in the revue "Hier und Jetzt und Himmelblau".

Since 2006 the choir of the Staatsoperette Dresden is directed by Thomas Runge.


Paulina Bielarczyk | Anna-Lisa Gebhardt | Tanja Höft | Inka Lange | Su Min Lee | Antje Ligeti | Judith Nawrocki | Karolina Piontek-Runge | Annegret Reißmann | Ella Rombouts | Katja Rosenberg-Hornschild | Katharina Spaniel-Mäke | Alexandra Strauß | Katharina Trimolt

Sänger Vasily Arkhipov | Christian Berger | Friedemann Condé | Claudius Ehrler | Martin Gebhardt | Georg Güldner | Dag Hornschild | Ji Hoon Kim | Michael Kuhn | Tobias Märksch | Daniel Müller | Andreas Pester | Mirko Poick