Barrier Free Theatre Visit

Booking Wheelchair Spaces
Spaces for wheelchairs as well as accompanying persons can be booked directly in the foyer at the visitor service, and via the telephone number +49 351 3204 2- 222. The Dresden State Operetta offers space for a maximum of 8 guests with wheelchairs. These are located in the mezzanine. Please let us know whether you want to sit on the theatre seat or if you want to use the space next to your accompanying person when you are purchasing your ticket.
Visitors with a disability of 80% GdB as well as the registered accompanying person will receive a 50% discount on their ticket purchase upon presentation of the disabled person’s pass (except on marked dates where no discount is available) This discount is not available online.
Guests with a Rollator
We ask that guests using a rollator notify us when purchasing their ticket. We recommend seating in the rows 1-3, 15, 16 or 22, where you won’t have to go up any stairs and will be able to use the lift.
Due to fire safety reasons, your rollator will be parked in the foyer next to the doors. Our service team will have your rollator ready for you during the break and at the end of the show.
Guidance System for the Blind
The guidance system for the blind leads you as well as your accompanying person through the entire theatre.
Within the foyer, guide strips are milled into the floor cover. These lead to a console with a presentation of the public areas. From there, you can also reach the cash registers of the theatre.
Guests with a Service Dog
Should you need to be accompanied by a service or rehabilitation dog, we will help you in your visit to our shows. We follow the recommendations set by the German Theatrical Association and ask that you show us your liability insurance as well as the relevant documents concerning the personality of your service dog.
Three disabled parking spots are available directly at the Theatre Bistro “T1” at the green roundabout of the Wettiner Platz. Two further disabled parking spots are located on the Alfred-Athus-Straße across from house number 8, next to the sports ground of the vocational school. The theatre entrance is about 150m away from that parking lot, without any barriers.
A third parking option for vehicles with appropriate parking permit is available on the official parking lot “Kraftwerk Mitte” at the rail triangle. You can access that parking lot via Löbtauer Straße 21. From there you use the underpass to get to Könneritzstraße. There, you cross a barrier free traffic light, reaching the theatre entrance in about 150m.
A number of tram and bus lines as well as the train stop in the direct vicinity. You can reach the new venue comfortably with the following bus and tram lines (distance of about 500m):
Schweriner Straße | Schwimmhalle Freiberger Platz | S-Bhf. Freiberger Straße | Bahnhof Mitte
Access to the box office foyer via the main entrance is barrier free with the right outside door. The door opener is located between the wind catchers.
The box office foyer has a lift on either side for easy access to the cloakroom and the bathrooms in the lower level, level -1. The lift at the main cloakroom will take you from the lower level to level 0, for access to rows 1 through 10. Level 1 will give you access to the upper level theatre floor area, level 2 for the balcony.
Upon request, we will escort you to your seat once you arrive, but you can also move around freely in the foyer.
Bathrooms with wheelchair access are available in the mezzanine as well as the lower level; a visible and tactile guidance system for the blind leads throughout the theatre.
Hearing Loop System
Acoustic support is available for visitors with hearing impairments.
An induction loop in the theatre transfers the sound directly into the hearing aid, by which background noise like echoes and other noises are suppressed efficiently. Visitors do not need any help, they can simply set their hearing aid switch to »T«.
Hearing impaired guests can rent out a corresponding device with the evening service with a deposit of 20€.
We ask that you remember that the quality of the hearing loop system is far better during musicals or other productions with amplification, than productions like operettas and operas.