Tickets and Box Office

Here you can find all information concerning where and how to purchase tickets.

Opening hours

Box Office at Kraftwerk Mitte (foyer of the theatre)

Advance Booking
current closure days on holidays:
only single ticket sales and subscription sales at the box office

Tuesday to Friday 12 am - 6 pm | Saturday 4 pm - 6.00 pm
T+49 351 32042 222 | F +49 351 32042 629

Group ticket sales Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm Phone +49 351 32042 621

On holidays, as well as the 24. and 31.12. of the year, advance booking is closed.

Box Office
Monday to Friday, 1,5 hours to show time
Saturday, Sunday and on holidays 1 hour to start of the show

We ask for your understanding that at the box office you can only buy or pick up tickets for the upcoming show. Advance booking and exchanges as well as separate subscriber services cannot be offered here.

Purchasing tickets online and ticket@home
For all public shows (except during premieres) tickets are sold online. For this, you choose the ticket symbol on your desired date in the programme.
Online sales are implemented by our software provider You can book quickly via the optimised best booking service or you can book via the individual seating plan booking (requires JAVA; also available on mobile devices since 2019). Card printing from ticket@home is only available with immediate payment using card purchase. Please book seats for wheelchair users or severely disabled persons of 80% GdB via telephone or on site at the visitor service area.

In this production, the audience sits directly on the stage, mostly at small tables.
Rows 1 | 3 | 5 | 7 | 9 on the podium are raised respectively by 15 cm, small tables are between the numbered places. Rows 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 are at the same height as the row in front of them and are equipped with chairs.
Only price categories 1 to 3 are available, plus 7 € surcharge. Drinks on stage, 30 minutes before start and during the break, are included. You can only book podium seats on the internet.
Price Bracket KAT A KAT B KAT C
1 24,- / *19,- / **9,- 39,- / *31,- 49,- / *39,-
2 20,- / *16,- / **9,- 35,- / *28,- / **9,- 44,- / *35,- / **9,-
3 17,50 / *14,- / **9,- 31,- / *25,- / **9,- 39,- / *31,- / **9,-
4 8,50 / *7,- / **9,- 15,50 / *12,50 / **9,- 19,- / *15,- / **9,-
Price Bracket KAT D KAT E
1 55,- / *44,- 69,- / *55,-
2 50,- / *40,- / **9,- 62,- / *49,50,- / **9,-
3 44,- / *35,- / **9,- 54 / *43,- / **9,-
4 21,- / *17,- / **9,- 23 / *18,50 / **9,-
*Advance booking discounted

All shows of the Dresden Staatsoperette are categorised in the price categories A - E. Prices are advance booking prices up until one day before the show. Only price categories 1 to 3 are available for »María de Buenos Aires«.

Fee for ticket mailing with uninsured mail using the service PostModern costs 2 €. Reprinting admission tickets costs 1 €. Use of the cloakroom during shows at the Dresden Staatsoperette is free of charge.

Discounts can principally be obtained for all shows. Excluded days without discount, like premieres and New Years, are marked in the programme.
Upon presentation of a valid pass you can receive
  • 20 % discount on advance booking price: School and university students, apprentices, volunteers in the military service and FSJ, pensioners, holders of the Dresden Pass as well as recipients of services of SGB II or as per 3. and 4. Chapter SGB XII as well as AsylbLG

  • 50 % discount on advance booking price: Guests with a disability of 80 % GdB and, where applicable, their registered accompanying person. The price of children or students (up to 18 years of age) is 7 € on all seats in price category 2-5.

Groups starting at 20 tickets for the normal or reduced ticket price receive one accompanying ticket at a price for 2 € for every 20 persons, in the cheapest booked price category.

More information for group bookings can be found here. Ordering Tickets

To order tickets online, please choose the specific show in the programme.
Here you have the possibility to order tickets. The visitor service can give you a seating plan with available seats, always subject to change. Ticket orders for shows are available until the 14. July 2019.
We will not accept reservations via mail, email or fax on New Year’s. New Year’s tickets are only sold online, via telephone and on site once advance booking starts, with a maximum of 8 seats for every transaction.
Voucher Reservations Form
Are you looking for a suitable gift?
We offer vouchers with values of 50 €, 25 € or 10 €. The person receiving the present can choose which show to see inside 3 years. The voucher will be sent gift wrapped with our current programme. Arrival of the voucher can take up to 7 work days, since vouchers are only sent after your payment has arrived. The voucher is seen as a payment method for all shows of the Staatsoperette. Cash payout of the voucher is not possible. Remaining balances are kept.

Voucher use when purchasing online:
When purchasing tickets online, you can choose to pay via bank transfer which makes it possible for you to add a voucher, as long as you book 10 days in advance of the desired date. After you enter your address, you can type in the number or number-letter combination under the bar-code of your voucher in the intended field. The visitor service will then send you a new bill with your balance. Should the online purchase price be cheaper than the value of the voucher you will receive the tickets as well as a new voucher with the remaining amount.