The Orchestra of the Staatsoperette

Thanks to its enormous stylistic range, the orchestra of the Staatsoperette with its 64 musicians is one of the most versatile sounding bodies in Germany. In addition to classical operetta literature, operettas of the so-called "Silver Era" and works of the early 1920s and 30s, the orchestra's repertoire also includes operas. Ever since the orchestra was founded in 1947, musicals have also been an important part of its repertoire. Works by Frederick Loewe and Cole Porter through George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein to Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber and contemporary musical composers have been and continue to be on the program.
Numerous CD recordings with the orchestra of the Dresden State Operetta (unknown Johann Strauss operettas, "radio music" or complete musical recordings) have received national attention.
Since the beginning of the 2020/21 season, Johannes Pell has been the principal conductor of the Staatsoperette.

As a founding member and the first orchestra from the Free State of Saxony, the orchestra of the State Operetta has been involved in the Association Orchester des Wandels since November 2020.

Das Orchester
Musical Administration
Musical Director / Chief Conductor
1. Conductor / Deputy Musical Director
1. Associate Conductor / Supervisor Musical
1st Violines
Bernhard Geyer-Linsmann (Concertmaster) | Leonid Smorguner (Deputy Concertmaster) | Maria Berge (Principal) | Christiane Güldenstern (Deputy Principal) | Benedikt Halm | Sebastian Binning | Anne-Kristin Büst | Uta Hartmann | Francisc-Zoltan Kardan | Luise Kramer | Anja Kroczek-Knauth | Enrico Maschke
2nd Violines
Maria Preißler (Leader) | Barbara Tzschoppe (Deputy Leader) | Ayaka Omura (Principal) | Jinoa Choi | Yourka Enchev | Stefan Friedrich | Lydia Graf | Rüdiger Leichsenring | Marjana Winkler

Elizaveta Urba (Solo) | Ulrich Schröder (Deputy Solo) | Katrin Büttner | Stefan Goerlich | Aleksandra Sachs-Wieczynska
Benjamin Schwarz (Solo) | Nico Mitzscherling (Deputy Solo) | Martin Borck | Eleonora Haidu | Hans-Georg Heyde | Jakov Naumovich
Double Basses
Beate Ullrich (Solo) | Michael Hauser (Deputy Solo, Solo-Bassguitar) | Marco Antonio Arriagada Chacón (Deputy Solo-bassguitar)
Andreas Richter (Solo) | Burkhard Scharf (Deputy Solo) | Reglinde Forberg
Izabela Berdy-Wolf (Solo) | Svanhild Wunderlich (Deputy Solo)
Wolfram Lötzsch (Solo) | Jörg Pätzold (Deputy Solo) | Billy Schmidt (Solo-Altsaxophon)
Holger Bröse-Gamberger (Solo) | Tilmann Baumgartl
Martin Brandenburger (Solo) | Hans-Peter Fieber (Deputy Solo) | Jenneke de Jonge | Maria Wanner | Wieland Wirth
Sebastian Böhner (Solo) | Ralf Jurenz (Deputy Solo) | Hartmut Flath | Frank Hebenstreit
Mathias Hofmann (Solo) | Hilmar Beier (Deputy Solo) | Olaf Schabik (Solo- Bass-Trombone) | Kristof Lehmgrübner
Timpani / Percussions
Simon Lessing (Solo Timpani) | Clemens Amme (Solo Drums) | Thomas Mühle-Herbst (Solo Percussions)
Simone Geyer (Solo)
Secretary of the Orchestra
Kristof Lehmgrübner
Orchestral Equipment Manager
Illya Olexiyenko
Orchestra Board
Simone Geyer (Vorsitzende) | Benjamin Schwarz (stellvertr. Vorsitzender) | Jörg Pätzold | Aleksandra Sachs-Wieczynska | Sebastian Böhner