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Im Weißen Rössl

White Horse Inn
Operetta by Ralph Benatzky | Version of the "Bar jeder Vernunft" Berlin | |
At the White Horse Inn, guests from near and far gather for an authentic Austrian experience. In preparation for the summer tourists, hotel manager Josepha counts on the help of her staff – above all Leopold, who has little time for all things business – but all the time for his boss! With predictable regularity, he declares his love for her and with predictable regularity, she rejects his offers. After all, her heart is set on hotel regular Dr Otto Siedler, a well-to-do lawyer. Crippled with jealousy, Leopold takes the opportunity to lodge the firsts guests to arrive – cranky fashion mogul Wilhelm Giesecke and his daughter Ottilie – in Siedler’s prefered room. Giesecke has no eyes for the Alpine attractions offered at the hotel – he is engrossed in a legal dispute over patent rights with rival firm Sülzheimer. When Siedler finally arrives at the inn, he introduces himself to Giesecke as Sülzheimer’s solicitor. Conflict ensues between the two men, as does between Josepha and Leopold, who is being scolded for his interference. Against the odds, Ottilie is taking an interest in Siedler, nourishing Leopold’s hopes to secure Josepha’s heart. She is, however, increasingly weary of his caprices and flirts openly with Siedler. The evening culminates in a thunderstorm and Josepha tries to diffuse tensions by serving culinary showstoppers.

To take things further with Siedler, Josepha asks Leopold to deliver a bottle of champagne to her room after the official festivities have ended. When he refuses, Josepha lets him go. Unwilling to leave, Leopold settles at the bar as a guest. Giesecke is also in for a nightcap. Fuelled by panoramic views and booze, he has devised a plan: Sülzheimer’s son, who is due to arrive at the inn, must marry his daughter Ottilie, thereby settling the legal dispute. He counts on Siedler’s help. Little does he know that Ottilie and Siedler have secretly gotten close and that Sülzheimer junior – better known as Sigismund – has long arrived and fallen head over heels for Kathi. Finally giving in to the charms of his surroundings, Giesecke orders the hotel’s most expensive show number. Having had enough, Leopold sabotages the act and says his goodbyes to Josephine, who must finally realise that he is essential not only for the success of her business. As morning dawns, the two unlikely couples are joined by a third …