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Polnische Hochzeit

Polish Wedding
Operetta by Joseph Beer, Fritz Löhner-Beda and Alfred Grünwald
Freedom fighter Boleslav returns to Russian-occupied Poland to take over his father's estate and see his childhood sweetheart, Jadja. But she is set to become the sixth wife of his marriage-obsessed uncle Count Statschek, who refuses to give up the inheritance he is managing, nor his bride. Statschek had not, however, factored Suza, 'the wildcat', into the equation! The plan hatched by the crafty but big-hearted estate manageress sends everything into a tumultuous comedy of errors and mistaken identities. Will there be a happy ending for the lovers?
Fervent jazz numbers, folkloristic dances and mellifluous songs: Joseph Beer's long-forgotten operetta, composed the night before Austria's 'Anschluss' with Nazi Germany, bears the hallmarks of a rousing send-off to an era - oozing a lust for life, wistful, with a tear in laughing eyes. In Julia Huebner's version, the German stage premiere of 'Polish Wedding' is a fusion of high-spirited varieté imagery and the dark undertones of displacement and the loss of one's homeland - a fate that also befell the Jewish composer and his librettists.