A Tribute to Künneke
An evening of excerpts from operettas, songs and film scores
It was both a blessing and a curse: While 'The Cousin from Nowhere' brought Eduard Künneke his breakthrough as an operetta composer, it also saw all his other works fall into oblivion. Hardly anyone these days has heard of the melodies from operettas such as 'Herz über Bord' ("Heart Overboard"), 'Glückliche Reise' ("Happy Journey") or 'Die lockende Flamme' ("The Alluring Flame"), leave alone the many song cycles and film hits that also make up the composer's rich oeuvre. So it's high time to provide a bit of help! To enhance our production of 'The Cousin from Nowhere', we invite you pay tribute to Künneke. Explore Eduard Künneke's songs and operettas together with soloists from the State Operetta, and, who knows, you might even discover the odd - personal - hit.