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The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood and Her Wolf
Musical by Peter Lund and Thomas Zaufke
Once upon a time there was a Little Red Riding Hood, who, despite insistent warnings to the contrary, set off into the dark and gloomy forest. Every child knows who she encountered there: the big bad wolf! But what happens if those who are supposed to fear and eat each other take an instant liking to one another? The shocking friendship between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf causes all hell to break loose among the straight-laced village dwellers, blurring the lines between truth and lies, the forbidden and seduction. Because: If wolves turn out to be gentle, guard dogs cowardly, girls rebellious and pigs slim - can anything ever be truly relied on and taken as a given?

With 'Grimm!' the Staatsoperette and the junge generation theatre present an enjoyably wicked family musical penned by co-writers Peter Lund and Thomas Zaufke, which shakes up the Grimm brothers' characterisation in a wild mash-up, exposing our prejudices about good and evil in the most entertaining of manners. Amongst fantastical sets and boppy earworms, director Astric Griesbach unlocks a play of perspectives that sees many unmasked, and spins many a fairy tale ...