Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten

Boards that mean the world
Theatre and film scores behind the Iron Curtain Staatsoperette Dresden Kraftwerk Mitte 1, 01067 Dresden Staatsoperette Dresden Kraftwerk Mitte 1, 01067 Dresden
For its final stop, the concert tour heads to the past. We'll foray into the operetta stages and cinemas of former socialist stages, with symphonic sounds, as well as songs and ensembles from the works of the 'Heiteres Musiktheater' genre of East German musical theatre. Led by musical director Christian Garbosnik, we join East German operetta composer Gerhard Kneifel by climbing upon the 'boards that mean the world', then resurrect a trendy socialist dance in the form of Manfred Grafe's 'Lipsi', invented as a response to American rock 'n' roll, and finally listen to the 'Free Wind' by Ukrainian composer Izaak Dunajewski. Step inside the diverse, sometimes melancholically sumptuous, sometimes provocatively political soundscape of Eastern Europe from 1945 to 1990. The role of music as a political medium will also be discussed during the concert.
Maria Perlt-Gärtner, Silke Richter, Markus Liske, Tobias Zepernik, Andreas Pester, Orchester der Staatsoperette Dresden