Alice im Wunderland

Alice, the courageous little girl from Victorian England, who curiously follows a white rabbit with a pocket watch into his burrow and has all kinds of whimsical adventures deep underground, is one of the most beloved children's book heroines of all time. Since 1865, when Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice in Wonderland first appeared, her bizarre experiences in Wonderland and the sequel Beyond the Looking Glass have captured the imagination of children and adults alike. Each generation reinvents Alice’s encounters with the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the many others in a unique way.

Let ballet director Radek Stopka and the story’s much-loved characters whisk you away to Wonderland in this imaginative dance fairy tale for the whole family. The music is provided by the Dresden composer Sven Helbig: sensually powerful chord sequences have a hypnotic effect like the mysterious caterpillar with its water pipe; energetic rhythms drive Alice deeper and deeper into her story and us in the audience with her.
Johannes Pell, Radek Stopka, Guido Petzold, Thorsten Fietze, Mark Schachtsiek, Valeska Stern
Melania Mazzaferro, Paulina Hofmann | Pia Spang | Lucy Stopka, Mandy Coleman, Gerd Wiemer, Eliton Da Silva de Barros, Vladislav Vlasov, Nina Kemptner, Felix Roßberg, Philip Lehmann („The Saxonz“), Sergiy Tonevitskyy, Dominica Herrero Gimeno, Christian Vitiello, Kseniya Pogorilyak, Jarod Rödel, Elisabeth Iwasko, Marat Rahm, Annett Bräuer, Andrea De Marzo, Till Geier, Izabela Tonevitska, Andrea De Marzo, Jonathan Alexander Arias Gomez, Christian Vitiello, Stefanie Beyer, Judith Bohlen, Marica Resta, Stefanie Beyer, Judith Bohlen, Andrea De Marzo, Till Geier, Jonathan Alexander Arias Gomez, Elizabeth Iwasko, Kseniya Pogorilyak, Marat Rahm, Marica Resta, Jarod Rödel, Izabela Tonevitska, Vincenzo Vitanza, Christian Vitiello, Barbara Walaszewska, Ballett der Staatsoperette Dresden, Orchester der Staatsoperette Dresden, Studierende der Hochschule für Musik Dresden: Heinrich Eißmann, Nicolas Langkabel, Samuel Dietze, Kinderballett Dresden